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As all of our glass is custom made, we can cut all our products to your specific sizes. Please note that we only stock float and laminated glass, any toughened glass needs to be ordered which can take up to 2 weeks.
Tinted = Grey or Bronze | Frosted = Matalux or Opal | Obscure = see below list
Glass Thickness Available In
2mm Clear and Non Reflective
3mm Clear and Obscure
4mm Clear, Frosted, Tinted, Obscure and Mirror
5mm Clear, Tinted and Pyro Ceramic
6mm Clear, Frosted, Tinted or Obscure, Mirror
10mm Clear, Frosted Tinted and Slump
6.38mm Clear and Frosted
10.38mm Clear and Frosted
Float Glass = Non Safety Glass | Laminated = Safety Glass | Toughened = Safety Glass
Name Image Thickness Availability
Artico – Replacing Kosciusko View 4mm only Toughened or Float
Broadline View 3mm only Float only
Cathedral View 4mm and 5mm Toughened, Float or Laminated
Flemish View 4mm Toughened
Gluechip View 3mm and 5mm 3mm Float only 5mm Toughened or Float
Matalux – Frosted View 4mm, 6mm, 10mm and 12mm Toughened or Float
Narrowreed View 4mm and 6mm 4mm Float only 6mm Toughened or Float
Opal LAM View 6.38mm and 10.38mm Laminated
Satinlite View 4mm, 5mm and 6mm Toughened or Float
Seadrift View 5mm only 3mm Float only 5mm Toughened
Spotswood View 4mm, 5mm and 6mm Toughened, Float or Laminated

Cleaning Products

Keep in mind that glass is not the only product that we sell. We stock and regularly use 2 fantastic cleaning products that will keep just about any glass surface looking like new!

Screen Clean

This is a product that we sell exclusively.

It is an Australian made and owned, non caustic cleaner with no acids, bleach or phosphates which means you can use Screen Clean in a confined area or somewhere with little ventilation without the use of a mask, with peace of mind knowing no harmful chemicals are entering your body.

Screen Clean can be used in any wet area on the following:

  • Shower screens – glass and frame work
  • Tiles and grout
  • Spas
  • Vanity tops and fittings
  • Toilets
  • Any acrylic surface
Shower Screen Cleaner

Screen Clean works best if you spray liberally over the surface you are cleaning, use a wet scourer or sponge to scrub the product in a circular motion for as long as you see fit – rinse off – simple!

When rinsed off, Screen Clean is designed to leave a slightly oily residue which can help the water bead off your surface to prevent future water stains, this is why we recommend using Screen Clean on a surface that can be easily rinsed. (i.e. not on the outside of your shower screen)

You will receive a complimentary bottle of Screen Clean when we supply and install a new shower screen for you, so to keep it looking like new, use Screen Clean regularly to help prevent soap scum build up and water staining!

Screen Clean is sold for $12.00 per bottle from our show room or we can post a box of 10 anywhere in Australia for $100.00 *Postage fees will apply.

We stock a wide range of glass and mirrors that we can have ready for your next project within days.
GHS Glass Cleaner

GHS Glass Cleaner

This is a cleaner that we use on all our other glass products. When used with a soft cloth or rag, it will leave no streak marks on your glass and leave any product looking shiny and new.

It really is a multipurpose cleaner, suitable for any area of the house! GHS Glass Cleaner is sold for $10.00 per can from our show room.

GHS Glass Cleaner can be used on products other than glass:

  • Mirrors
  • Aluminium frames
  • Car windows and interiors
  • Kitchen/laundry joinery
  • Wardrobe Doors

Recommended not to be used on stained or painted products

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