Commonly used in Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries, Glass Splashback are seamless, easy to clean and very modern.

We custom make our splashbacks to suit your room design, cut outs around windows, cupboards, rangehoods or power points are no problem. We can even add holes to allow for the splashback to go behind your rangehood or around bathroom/laundry tap ware.

Our splashbacks are made from Grade A 6mm Toughened Safety Glass, in order to comply with Australian Standards. We paint our splashbacks in house and have a large range of 72 colours to choose from – all on display in our show room.

Digital Printing is also done in house on our large flat bed printer, we have a wide range of images to choose from or you are more than welcome to pick your own.

Please consider the three different product types available before requesting a quote:

Standard Glass

Standard Glass, like all clear glass, has a natural green tinge. This can impact your colour choice drastically.

Putting any light colour (i.e. whites or creams) behind Standard Glass will result in the colour mixing with the green tinge and changing completely from the original colour choice. An aqua colour will result from whites and a light brown/green colour will result from creams.

Darker colours are not affected as much by the green tinge, depending on the colour; it will usually result in the colour being slightly darker than the original.

Please be aware of this when ordering your splashback and picking an appropriate colour/image.

Starfire Glass

The main ingredient in all glass is silica sand which has naturally occurring iron oxides. This is what causes the green tinge in regular (Standard) glass.

Starfire glass is made from silica sand that is extremely low in iron oxides; therefore, the green tinge is removed from the glass.

Often referred to as ‘’Low Iron’’ Glass, it give all colours vibrancy and good clarity, it is a great product to use if you would like the closest colour match to your paint/image choice.

Starfire glass is the preferred glass to use for Digital Printing


Wanting to add the illusion of space to your kitchen or laundry? Mirastar is the product for you.

Mirastar was developed for the purpose of decorative reflections in household surroundings. The special characteristics of the metallic oxide coating allows the product to undergo toughening which means it is 100% suitable for splashback application.

Being that the Mirastar coating is very dense, it has a much darker appearance compared to normal mirror. In saying that, Mirastar still provides great reflection and is ideal for use in any sized kitchen or laundry.

* No warranty provided for Mirastar product, please enquire for more details

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