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Whether you are looking to replace all your glass to a more energy efficient product or just wanting a small mirror for your bathroom – we can help!
We offer an onsite service where you can arrange a suitable time to meet one of our qualified tradesmen at your home to discuss options, or; for all of you DIY-ers, if you provide us with the product and the sizes you require, we can arrange to have the glass cut to size for you to pick up from our office.

Below is a list of residential services we regularly provide:

  • Removal of existing single glazed glass and replace with energy efficient products*
  • Replace outdated glass to a more modern style
  • Change awning/sliding windows to fixed panels of glass or vice versa
  • Adding dog or cat doors to existing window or door glass**
  • Add a balustrade to an existing deck, stair case or pool area – see our balustrade page
  • Update old shower screens, wardrobe doors or mirrors – see our products page
  • Glass for furniture protection
  • Changing solid timber doors to frameless sliding or hinged glass doors
  • Dividing panels
  • Replacing glass in fire or oven doors
  • One off or multiple window replacements – see below
The list can go on! We will endeavour to assist you with most glass related enquires; if you require something that is not mentioned on our website, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss in more detail.

*NOTE: We can only change single glaze glass to a thicker style in timber frames only, not aluminium 

**NOTE: Holes for dog and cat doors can be cut directly into your existing lower pane window glass, however, cannot be cut into existing door glass, we will need to replace what is there to a toughened safety glass

We also offer onsite repairs and maintenance to many shower screens, doors or windows. If the product didn’t come from us originally, we of course cannot guarantee that we can fix the problem for good but we can assess the work to the best of our ability and provide you with our professional advice.

Below is a list of repairs & maintenances we regularly provide:

  • Shower screen services – i.e. replacement parts, new parts, adjustments, new frames
  • External or internal sliding doors that may be jamming
  • Sliding Wardrobe Doors that may be jamming
  • Glass that has dropped in windows, doors or shower screens
  • Re-seal/rubber windows or doors that are leaking or letting through air
  • Replacing one off panels in existing shower screens

*NOTE: We hold no warranty on any of our repair or maintenance work. We will provide a service as best we can to prevent the issue from reoccurring but we cannot guarantee this. In most cases, a lot of older parts are no longer in production so we can only provide a temporary fix for something that may need to be replaced altogether in the near future.

Common glass for window replacements

The below table is a helpful guide to use when trying to determine the appropriate glass to use for your window replacements.
A lot of the existing glass in older houses would not comply with Australian Standards today, if we were to replace this glass for you, by law we need to comply with the below.
NOTE: This is a guide only; an exact site measure may be required in order to determine the correct glass type and thickness to use.
  • Float Glass = Non Safety Glass
  • Laminated = Safety Glass
  • Toughened = Safety Glass
How to work out square meter rate:
1 @ 600mm wide x 900mm high 0.6 x 0.9 = 0.54 square meters
Glass Thickness & Type Window Location Legal Requirement
3mm Float Windows that are above your waist height and not next to a door or in a bathroom Up to 0.85 square meters
4mm Float Windows that are above your waist height and not next to a door or in a bathroom Over to 0.85 square meters
5mm Float Windows that are below your waist height and not next to a door or in a bathroom Up to 1.2 square meters
6.38 mm Laminated Windows that are below your waist height. Over to 1.2 square meters
4mm, 5mm, 6mm Toughened Toughened Glass can be used for extra security in any window. Windows in bathrooms need to be safety glass Determined once size is confirmed

We handle a very broad spectrum of work and residential jobs are always in high demand.

Common Household Glass

The below table is a helpful guide for common uses of glass around the home.
We stock a wide range of this glass that is readily available for cutting. All specified lead times are approximate only, lead times depend on how many piece you were to order, what type of edge work you require and how complex the order is.
NOTE: This is a guide only; there are limitations on what glass thickness can be used in certain scenarios. Our helpful staff will be able to assist with any enquires you may have.
  • Float Glass = Non Safety Glass
  • Laminated = Safety Glass
  • Toughened = Safety Glass
Glass Thickness & Type Common Use In Stock? Approx. Lead Time
2mm Float Picture Frames, small clock faces, ornamental boxes While you wait – excludes shapes
3mm Float Bathroom or kitchen cabinet doors, small clock faces, ornamental boxes 3-5 days
4mm Float Bathroom or kitchen cabinet doors 3-5 days
4mm Toughened Oven doors 7-10 days
5mm Pyro Ceramic Float Wood fire doors, Pizza oven doors 3-5 days
6mm Float Table top protection, shelves 5-7 days
8mm and 10mm Float Table top protection, shelves 7-10 days
6mm Toughened Table tops sitting in a rebate, shelves in a bathroom 7-10 days
8mm and 10mm Toughened Table tops with no solid base i.e. sitting on stainless steel legs, shelves in a bathroom 10-15 days
3mm Mirror Car side mirror replacements, jewellery boxes While you wait – allow 30-45minutes for side mirror, please call before
4mm Mirror Shaving cabinet doors, dress mirrors 7-10 days
6mm Bathroom mirrors 7-10 days
6.38mm Laminated Glass Full sized doors (sliding or fixed), Sidelights next to your front door, extra security for any window 3-5 days

For other glass types we have available, please see our products page.

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